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Bilbon Bizkaia Magazine Nº1 (spring 2022)

The key to happiness

“Look at your partner with the eyes of a lover and at your city with the eyes of a traveller; that is the secret of happiness”. We share this maxim coined in 1867 by Irish philosopher Joseph Quincejam. A hopeless romantic traveller and an boundless lover.

That is our mission: to bring happiness to the people who visit Bilbao and Biscay. To discover what is not always obvious in this marvellous land inhabited by charming people. We will give a voice to many of these, so that their words will reveal their secrets: places, landscapes, taverns, products, concert halls, exhibition halls, waves…

We are certain that, this way, we will ensure those of us living here will also contemplate our own streets and mountains with the eyes of a traveller.

If we reach our goal, many people will stay a little longer than they planned beforehand. Maybe an hour. Maybe half a day. Maybe a night. They will surely be happier. Those who provide services to them as well.

We would like to highlight that those of us who have boarded on bilbON are grateful for the trusting companies and institutions for their engagement with this project as well as their confidence in the future of Bilbao and Bizkaia, and in Joseph Quincejam’s key to happiness.


Bilbao and Bizkaia, an unbeatable tourism duo in northern Spain, offer unique experiences that seamlessly blend tradition with modernity and natural beauty with urban life. We invite you on a tour of this captivating region, from the enchanting mountain of Urkiola to the golden beaches along the coast. Discover the authenticity of the countryside within the city at “Gure Lurreko Merkatua” and delve into the “Fangaloka Style,” where imagination turns into reality.

Savor the maritime essence of Santurtzi and explore Bizkaia’s culinary world with the arrival of Garena, the new Michelin star. At Restaurante Antomar, Iberian ham takes center stage, while San Mamés offers unforgettable football experiences.

Immerse yourself in the art of Ramón Pérez and explore Bilbao’s traditional shops at “Bilbao Shopping.” Take in the city from on high at the Funicular de Artxanda and relish in the fun and pride at Bar Badulake. Azeri Natura offers boundless hiking routes for outdoor enthusiasts.

Experience Holy Week with passion and visit Ferrería El Pobal, a living museum that unveils the history of Bizkaia. Additionally, the bars Residence and Perita are must-visit destinations, as recognized by Esquire in its list of top bars.

Bilbon Magazine (welcome to Bizkaia)

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Bilbon magazine nº1

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