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Hiking without limit in Bizkaia.

Azeri Natura also makes the experience accessible to people with reduced mobility.



March 2022

Biscay holds hundreds of trails that are perfect for hiking. From walks by the sea to rural mountain paths that allow you to enjoy the landscape and feel the essence of this land. Azeri Natura also makes the experience accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Bilbao and the rest of the cities of Biscay have good transport facilities and numerous resources, such as free lifts and mechanical ramps, which empower people with mobility difficulties to walk. But what about hiking?

Pablo Mariz Azeri Natura

We have Jolette chairs that enable very old people, people with degenerative diseases or any kind of mobility limitations to enjoy a day in nature; it is a growing demand”, explains Pablo Mariz, a senior technician in environmental education and control.

Azeri Natura also holds different types of harnesses and corsets to suit the characteristics of each person, as well as directional bars for hikers with limited vision.

This service, available both in the Green Belt of Bilbao and in the Natural Parks of Bizkaia, offers routes of the senses through contact with leaves, real and figurative birds of prey, as well as other ways to bring the experience closer to the users. No limits.

Azeri Natura recommends getting in touch beforehand to know in detail the characteristics and preferences of the hikers.

Pagasarri Azeri Natura
Bosque Oma Azeri Natura
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