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Beaches in Bizkaia, on the crest of the wave

Eneko Acero points out that “all the beaches on our coast are good”



March 2022

During spring and summer, until well into the autumn, beaches along the coast of Biscay are full of bathers in search of sun and sea.

The mild climate means that not even in winter do they empty of strollers or running enthusiasts. Except on the harshest days.

But, even on those days, you can see surfboards looking for the right wave.

Eneko Acero points out that “all the beaches on our coast are good”. But he reveals some conditions.

“In spring and summer, when the sea is calmer, it is wise to look for open beaches such as Barinatxe, Larrabasterra, Atxabiribil, La Galea, Meñakotz, or Bakio. You can always find quality spots”.

In autumn and winter it is time to enjoy bays such as Plentzia and, of course, Mundaka, with its “incredible left wave that is known all over the world”.

Mind that many of the mentioned beaches can be reached by Metro. Don’t be surprised if you see people in swimming trunks with their boards under their arms in the city.


Bizkaia waves
Giant hunters in Bizkaia
Giant hunters in Bizkaia


LA GALEA is another spot where surfers meet. The Punta Galea Challenge, the longest-running big wave surfing tournament in Europe, is held there on an unspecified date, depending on the storms in the north.

Once enrolled, surfers from all over the world have a commitment to come to the event after 48 hours’ notice, when we have a reliable wave report. It’s amazing,” says Eneko. This year the waves wanted it to be held on 22 February.

The winner was local Natxo Gonzalez, followed by Aritz Aranburu and Nic Lamb.

Eneko & Kepa Acero


ENEKO is part of a family of professional surfers who have been living surf with enthusiasm and passion for more than 25 years. Eneko, Iker and the freesurfer Kepa have participated in championships on five continents and have travelled all over the world in search of virgin waves.

Their well-known surf school is located in Getxo. Next to the waves.

Indian Sopelana


Terrace facing the cliffs. Spectacular pintxos bar.

Arriatera Beach, 64 – Sopelana

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