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From Urkiola to Kanala, five stops between the mountains and the sea

Urkiola, Durango, Bolibar, Balcony of Bizkaia and Kanalape.



March 2022

Urkiola Bizkaia

1. Urkiola


From Urkiola, Durango is just a stone’s throw away, with its large Gothic church and an Old Town set in the course of the Ibaizabal (Fronton, Shopping and Restaurants).

Durango Bizkaia

2. Durango

On the way to Markina, we turn off at Iruzubieta towards Bolibar, which has a Casa Museo del Libertador and the Gothic Collegiate Church of Zenarruza (15th-16th century).
Bolibar Bizkaia

3. Ziortza-Bolibar

At the Munitibar crossroads, take the road towards Mendata. Halfway there is a viewpoint called Balcón de Bizkaia: a must-stop, from there you can see several valleys and the sea in the distance.
Balcony of Bizkaia

4. Balcony of Bizkaia

Through Mendata we enjoy the road to Gernika and then to Gautegiz-Arteaga without stopping until we reach Kanalape beach. Listen to the sea breeze and stare at the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve.
Kanalpe Bizkaia

5. Kanalape

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