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Txakoli de Bizkaia

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July 2022

B iscay is a land of small producers of the wine known as ‘txakoli’. In large areas of the territory, something that we can define as the democratization of the chateau has existed since at least the 16th century. These were not stately palaces surrounded by hectares of vines, but farmhouses that dedicated a plot of land, or sometimes the boundaries of their orchards, to plant vineyards as hedges. Each house had its own stone for pressing and its own barrels that awaited in a modest cellar.

The evolution of this way of doing things has led today to modern facilities, sometimes still housed in the old farmhouse, and production systems that are continuously controlled and improved by the Txakoli de Bizkaia certificate of origin itself.

Txakoli de Bizkaia

Txakoli de Bizkaia has established its position over the last few decades and is now a permanent fixture in bars, restaurants and wine shops. The white wine, slightly acidic, fresh and balanced, made mainly with native varieties such as Hondarribizuri, accounts for 95% of the production, although rosés, reds, barrel-fermented or late harvests can be found.

Most of the wineries have also opened up to providing wine tourism experiences. They have guided tours in Spanish, Basque and English, some offer guided tastings, and some even offer spaces and services for conferences and meetings. It is not unusual for them to offer the possibility of a succulent meal, always by reservation.

Txakoli de Bizkaia

The winery is usually immersed in a landscape of woods, meadows and hills, some with the Bay of Biscay on the horizon. Visiting them is much more than just getting to know a different wine, it involves tasting a way of life and savouring the history of a territory.

Among others, Txabarri (Zalla), Amunategi (Busturia), Berroja (Muxica) and Gorka Izagirre (Larrabetzu) offer wine tourism experiences.

Txakoli Gorka Izagirre



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