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Vistalegre an open-air museum combining sculpture and architecture

The cemetery of Bilbao, one of the most important in Spain, is open to visitors and has audio guides. Last summer there was a dramatised night-time visit that turned out to be a great success. It is now becoming the setting for concerts and poetry recitals.


October 2022

Bilbao Cemetery was inaugurated in 1902, although the project began to take shape fifteen years earlier. This was the period when Bilbao’s industrial, shipping, railway and financial sectors were booming. This led to impressive planning, an interesting botanical display and the intervention of the best architects and sculptors available at the time.

Architects such as Manuel María de Smith e Ibarra, Ricardo Bastida, Juan Daniel Fullaondo Errazu, Enrique Epalza y Chafreau and Severino de Achúcarro among others. Sculptors such as Federico Sáenz Venturini, Nemesio Mogrobejo, Higinio Basterra, Quintín de Torre, Manuel Basterra, Joaquín Lucarini and Ricardo Iñurria. In Vistalegre, their works make up a monumental open-air ensemble, impressive and open to the public. In Vistalegre, his works make up a monumental set in the open air, impressive and open to visits.

Cementerio Vistalegre

The Doña Casilda de Iturrizar pantheon, the Chávarri chapel, the Ybarra chapel and the Gallery, among many other constructions, deserve special attention.

To take into account: on weekends and days around November 1, All Saints’ Day, the influx to the cemetery multiplies.

Known as Vistalegre the cemetery of Bilbao is located in the municipality of Derio, a few stops away from the centre of the town on Metro line 3. The stop is located in front of the main access door of the cemetery. Also, at least one Bizkaibus line stops very close. In both cases the journey does not exceed 20 minutes.

Cementerio Vistalegre

Web Cementeriy of Bilbao

Restaurante Zarate Bilbao



A Michelin star in the center of Bilbao.

Restaurante Victor

VICTOR – 1940


The one of all life, in the Plaza Nueva in Bilbao.
Family treatment with our usual specialties. Warehouse with more than 1,200 references. Homemade desserts.

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