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The traditional winter markets

In the colder months, Biscay maintains the pull of the popular markets. Some are specialised, some are unique, many have a long tradition, and all are very interesting. They provide a perfect excuse to get to know zero-kilometre products, landscapes, places and traditions



January 2023

The first one is that of San Antontxu, on 18 January in Mungia, which adds to the typical livestock and machinery exhibitions, the Basque competition of chorizo and black pudding made in the traditional way.

Every 3rd February,Abadiño, one of the industrial arteries of the Duranguesado region, returns to the past and becomes the great rural reference point in wintertime Biscay: oxen trials, exhibitions of different types of livestock, especially cattle, vegetable stalls, talo, honey, cheese, bread and homemade sweets, the typical doughnuts that are only sold for San Blas, the local breed of shepherd dogs and all the flavour of what has been preserved.

Flower Market in Bilbao

On 12th of February flowers, plants and other products in the village that supports the University of the Cesta Punta and one of the typical carnivals of the territory: Markina-Xemein.

On March 6th in Sopuerta, the chacinería market, with the XLIX Chorizo and black pudding competition and the XXV Chacinero Mayor de Euskal Herria competition. The main product is pork, but there is also an exhibition and sale of other agricultural and livestock products and handicrafts.

Mercado Agrícola Bizkaia

On the same 6 March, XXI agricultural fair of Women Producers in Ugao Miraballes with tasting, exhibition, on-site processing and sale of agricultural products.

From April onwards, it is not unusual to find several of these fairs and markets in different municipalities during the same weekend. TAll of them have something special and all of them give you the chance to talk to special people.

Restaurante Aspaldiko



A dream place to enjoy typical Basque cuisine and culture.

La Barraca



Mediterranean cuisine in Bilbao.

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