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Orduña, a territory for action


April 2023

Nature, extraordinary landscapes, stunning places and unforgettable corners.

Perfect for letting go of accumulated tension, releasing adrenaline, relaxing and feeling pure freedom.

This is Orduña territory.


A thousand possibilities for nature activities: hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, potholing, caving, hot-air ballooning, paragliding, pitch & putt golf, climbing, canyoning, mountain biking, Nordic walking…

And most of them can be done starting from the old town itself.

Orduña seen in a balloon
Orduña trekking


The crest of the two mountain ranges that surround the valley of Orduña and Arrastaria is an extraordinary area for trekking of low to medium difficulty.

The peaks of San Pedro-Askuren, Txarlazo, Bedarbide, Iturrigorri, Ungino and Eskutzi await, as well as the route that leads to the Nervión waterfall, the highest waterfall in Western Europe.

Orduña canyons


The valley is home to a surprising and wild landscape. Ideal for beginners in canyoning.

Tertanga offers a small but beautiful and unique cliff that looks like something out of a fairy tale.

Orduña parapente


Due to its orography and location at the confluence of two climates, Orduña is one of the oldest and most famous flying areas in the whole peninsula. Sierra Salvada, because of its peculiar geological formation, is ideal for the initiation and practice of aerial sports.

The valley is a privileged place for balloon take-offs. It is also an excellent opportunity to enjoy the aerial view of the historic centre of the mediaeval town of Orduña and the spectacular views of the depression of the valley of Arrastaria and Orduña. They are also considered to be one of the first paragliding flying areas on the peninsula.

It is a vision that is only available to the vultures and birds of prey that inhabit Gibijo and Sierra Salvada. This is Orduña territory.

Tourist Office
Foru Plaza, 9 – Alhóndiga · Urduña/Orduña
T. 945 38 43 84
from Abando every 30 minutes

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