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Irala, the colorful neighborhood of Bilbao

The piece of Bilbao that was uprooted from the United Kingdom



January 2024

Irala, the British-inspired gem in Bilbao. Spanning from Zabalburu to Torreurizar, this charming neighborhood features picturesque houses built in 1916 with gardens and balconies, reminiscent of cities like London or Dublin.

Developed by Juan José Irala, owner of Harino-Panadera, Irala preserves its authenticity and traditional Bilbao life. Uncover its secrets on Reyes Católicos street, where lively bars unveil the unique identity of the town.

The Iralabarri neighbourhood goes up from Zabalburu to Torreurizar. It is very close at hand for any walker who wants to discover the secrets of Bilbao.

Irala holds surprises. Many of the neighbourhoods built at the early 20th century to house the families of workers employed by large companies have disappeared. But Irala remains a splendid place.

Little houses built in 1916 with small gardens, balconies and façades of different colours provide a picturesque spectacle, like old London, Cardiff or Dublin.

Irala Bilbao

The sponsor of the terraced houses and small chalets was Juan José Irala, owner of the historic local bakery Harino-Panadera. The neighbourhood was named after him.

Irala Bilbao

Apart from the eye-catching architecture, Irala still breathes the life of a traditional Bilbao neighbourhood. And in one of the perpendicular streets, Reyes Católicos, there are a couple of bars where this atmosphere vibrates at any time of day and allows you to experience the identity of the town.

Come and visit it. It is well worth it.

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