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Bilbao, a drink for sure in a safe place.

According to the World’s Best Cities 2021 report, “Bilbao is one of the safest cities on the planet”.



July 2022

I f during the day Bilbao invites you to stroll through its wide pedestrian and semi-pedestrian areas, the night is no exception. When the conversation continues after an amazing pintxo tasting or a delicious dinner in one of the many restaurants in the city, whether popular or gourmet, the best option is a stroll under the moonlight. Peacefully.

“Bilbao is one of the safest cities on the planet”


According to the World’s Best Cities 2021 report, “Bilbao is one of the safest cities on the planet”. This study places Bilbao in 91st place out of the best 100 cities in the world. An enormous achievement for a municipality of less than 350,000 inhabitants. World’s Best Cities 2021 also pointed out the capital of Bizkaia for its “ daring architecture” and the “construction of new green spaces and environmentally friendly housing”. No idle words, Bloomberg calls World’s Best Cities “the most comprehensive study of its kind, identifying the most desirable cities for locals, visitors and business people alike, rather than simply looking at liveability or tourist appeal”. Those are big words.


When it comes to enjoying a good drink, safety goes even further. The exhaustiveness and thoroughness of the inspections ensures that the spirits really are what their labels say they are, as well as the absolute traceability of fruits and other components. Quality is guaranteed.

The international prestige of the Bilbao Hotel Management School also guarantees the savoir faire and expertise of those who make cocktails, martinis, serve a wine, pour a beer or a cider.

With these premises, the only thing left to do is to let yourself be rocked by the night, the conversation and the good company in the city’s many bars. Some with live performances, such as Badulake, Cotton Club, Crazy Horse or Kafe Antzokia; others with an absolute devotion to the glass, such as Sir Winston Churchill, Jaime or La Compañía del Ron; and in some, such as Apparaige or La Mula de Moscú, you can even have a good meal with your cocktail.

You’re sure to get it right.

Pub Winstorn Churchill Bilbao

Sir Winston Churchill

Alberto Canales

English pub located next to the Plaza Sagrado Corazón in Bilbao.

Cocktails and Spirits

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