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Uribe region

Sea, countryside and tradition reachable by metro


July 2023

The region of Uribe, formed by more than twenty municipalities, plays an important role in the identity of Biscay. And also of Bilbao.

Its farmhouses and farms have for centuries supplied the city with milk, vegetables, txakoli and livestock; its beaches and forests have been the main leisure area; and its people, the main influx of migrants from the countryside to the city.

Nowadays, a large part of the region is connected to Bilbao by metro or the Euskotren line to Lezama, also with metro frequency. Just go with the flow.

Uribe Kosta

The impact of Bilbao on the Uribe region is powerful. The Zamudio Technology Park, the most important one in the Basque Country; the sports facilities of Athletic de Bilbao, a unique hundred-year-old football club; Loiu airport, or the internationally well-known Azurmendi restaurant, with its three Michelin stars. All of them are located in Uribe.

But, in spite of everything, the region has managed to maintain its own personality. It preserves a large number of farmhouses and farms and livestock farms, water mills, vineyards dedicated to txakoli, forests, old hermitages with paths and pilgrimages.

Most of these places can be reached by metro. Or by the narrow-gauge Euskotren railway. And if there is no alternative, the Bizkaibus, which has frequent services, will get you there in less than half an hour.

Uribe Kosta Bizkaia beach
Uribe Kosta

The largest number of beaches in Biscay

The coastline of the region of Uribe is made up of cliffs, beaches and coves that provide unforgettable panoramic views of the coast. Landscapes that form part of the scenery in the series Game of Thrones.

Uribe has the largest number of beaches in Biscay: Barinatxe, Arriatera-Atxabiribil, Meñakoz, Barrika, Muriola, Plentzia, Gorliz, Armintza and Bakio. Some of them will be familiar for those who surf, as many of their waves are included in the European surfing routes.

Places such as San Juan de Gaztelugatxe and the ports of Plentzia and Armintza, with fishing tradition although nowadays dedicated to pleasure boats, are popular destinations in summer and recommendable all year round.

The orientation of the cliffs in the region, with plenty of fine establishments to enjoy a snack or a bite to eat, offer unique sunsets. And they hide unique rock formations such as the tidal flats or flysch.


Castillo de Butrón

Architectural heritage

The so-called wars of factions forced the rural nobility of Biscay to convert their dwellings into small fortresses capable of resisting the enemy’s attacks. This gave rise to the towers that abound the region.

From the Martiartu Tower in Erandio, to Torrebillela in Mungia or the neo-Gothic Butron Castle, one of the crown jewels of Romantic architecture of the north of Spain.

There is also a good example of traditional architecture of Basque farmlife: farmhouses with buildings that reflect the life and economy of the old inhabitants of this region: vine trellises, corn ovens, mills, old forges and lime kilns; some of them, transformed into restaurants, museums or interpretation centres, are open to visitors.

Orduña parapente

Txakoli wineries and craft beer producers

The hills of Uribe are home to some of the most important txakoli production areas in Basque Country. Their owners have managed to preserve tradition and improve production to the point of being able to produce bottles with many of the most prized labels in Basque Country. We are talking about Gorka Izaguirre, Magalarte, Doniene Gorrondona, Zabala, Butroi and Uriarte.

Moreover, in recent years, the region has developed a particular taste for the production of craft beers, with their own tasting competitions and a host of fans. Some of the most outstanding beers are Cervezas Etxeandia, Boga Garagardoa, Tito Blas, Txorierri or Drunken Bros.

As if all this were not enough, Uribe buzzes during summer and autumn with traditional festivals, rural sporting events, gastronomic competitions, concerts, street theatre…

Pubs and restaurants with incomparable savoir-faire spring up around every corner.

Do not miss Uribe.

Tourist Offices:

  • Bakio
  • Gorliz
  • Plentzia
  • Sopela
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