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From Urduña to the island of San Nicolás in 5 stops

Urduña, Orozko, Artea, Munitibar y Lekeitio.



October 2022




The usual route from Urduña to the sea is to follow the course of the Nervión. But that would be far too easy. So we will take the diversion towards Orozko. We now change the course of the Nervión for that of the Altube, which passes over a beautiful stone bridge over its waters and leaves the town square to one side.




Orozko is a delightful combination of mountains, forests, caves, farmhouses and streams. The Gorbea natural park is just a stone’s throw away and good restaurants are to be found on every corner.

From the neighbourhood of Zubiaur, a beautiful mountain road runs along the Gorbea towards the neighbourhood of Elejabeitia in Artea. You will fall in love with the landscape.




In Artea you will find yourself in the heart of the Arratia Valley and you can visit the first Ecomuseum of the Basque Farmhouse, designed to preserve and promote the traditions of the Basque countryside.

A nice and busy road leads to Lemoa, the capital of cement in the territory, and Amorebieta. Take the direction of Gernika, go for the diversion to Munitibar at Monte Calvo. This again is another mountain road, yet a different one.




In Munitibar you will see farmhouses dating back to the 16th century while listening to the murmur of the river Lea.

Drive on towards Aulestia, where you will find Benta Zaharra, a unique Basque tavern. In the town centre of Aulestia you will find the impressive Juan Bautista church, the Ibañez de Aldeko palace and the tower house of Pedro Ibañez de Aulestia. In the surroundings, you will find water mills, caves and forests.

Head towards Gizaburuaga and let the twists and turns lead you to Lekeitio.



You will come across beaches, a fishing port and an old town dominated by a magnificent Gothic church. Here you will find the flavour of the places that have been popular holiday spots since the 19th century, when Queen Isabel II Borbón, also known as Zita, the last Austro-Hungarian Empress, chose Lekeitio as a summer destination.

In the centre of the bay, the island of San Nikolas, accessible on foot at low tide. Breathe in.

Remember Urduña and Sierra Salvada.

Txakoli Gorka Izagirre



A new way to visit Bizkaia

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