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Txakoli Simón ambassador of the roasted txuleta in Bilbao

In Artxanda mountain



January 2024

Explore the authentic flavor of Bilbao at Txakoli Simón, where chef Óscar García, renowned as the ‘grill wizard,’ invites you to savor the finest roasted txuleta. With high-quality beef sourced from mature cows in the northern part of the peninsula, the restaurant offers a unique gastronomic experience.

Let the sommelier, Juan Mari López Arostegui, guide you through the selection of wines from over 300 options.

Txakoli Simón

Ósays that “in 2024 we will continue to focus on what we scar García, the magician of the grill at Txakoli Simón, do best, and that is beef”.

His place has won numerous awards for the best grilled txuleta in recent years.

So much so that, in 2023, he formed part of the jury for the ‘The best steak in Spain’ competition. And he is a regular teacher in grill teaching schools.

Txakoli Simón

In our restaurant, the type of meat is fundamental. We have gone for mature cows, seven or more years old, from the north of the peninsula,”, explains García.

The texture of this red meat has infiltrated fat and a powerful flavour. In addition, the Txakolí Simón grill is used to grill natural artichokes, mushrooms, exquisite marinated chorizo peppers (those from ‘Apurtuarte’) or, in summer, txipirones de potera (baby squid), among other tasty delicacies.

Txakoli Simón

It is a wise idea to ask the sommelier, Juan Mari López Arostegui, for advice on which is the best choice from among its more than 300 wine varieties.

In short, Simón remains the standard-bearer for grilled txuleta in Bilbao.


Txakoli Simón

Camino de San Roque, 89
T. 94 445 74 99

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