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Tamarises Izarra

Seaside delight.


July 2023

The young chef Javier Izarra, who grew up next to the Michelin-starred Fernando Canales, has been helming Tamarises Izarra for more than ten years. It is a very suggestive combination: one of the most talented new Basque chefs at the head of one of the best located restaurants in Bizkaia.

Tamarises Izarra opens its dining rooms and terraces just a few steps from the iconic Ereaga beach in Getxo.

Tamarises Izarra

Javier Izarra, who has a prestigious “Sol” from the Repsol Guide on his door, emphasises that his cuisine “is based on local products, the flavours of tradition, but brought up to the present day”. And he adds that whoever sits at his table will be able to taste traditional stews “such as Biscayan tripe, and trotters”, or try dishes such as “prawn tartare with crustacean liqueur”.

Tamarises Izarra Terraza Getxo

Tamarises Izarra offers several menus, with and without wine pairings, starting at just 70 euros. The menu varies each season and always includes seasonal products, such as mushrooms, game, fresh asparagus, truffles or selected fish.“In our house, it’s a good idea to ask what’s on offer in addition to what’s on the menu: we work with the local market,” adds the chef. A market that offers pleasant surprises every day that Javier Izarra transforms into culinary delights in his restaurant by the sea.

Vegetarian and vegan options are available, naturally.

Restaurante Tamarises Izarra

Muelle de Ereaga, 4 . 1ª Planta
48992 Getxo. Vizcaya.

T. 944 91 00 05

Txakoli Ballano



Traditional Basque food. Specialising in fish and meat. Seasonal local produce.




Assorted tortillas, cod, octopus, gildas, anchovies, Bilbao, mushrooms, tigers, squid rings, perretxikos, Roman hake…

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