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Monday markets in October in Gernika 2023



October 2023

The traditional Monday markets in Gernika-Lumo are, throughout the year, a gastronomic and leisure reference not only in the region of Busturialdea but also in the whole of Bizkaia.

But those held on Mondays in October, and especially the last one, take on an even greater dimension.

Music, competitions of all kinds and spectacular games of cesta punta in the Jaia-Alai transform the market into a great event.

October Monday Gernika

This year’s programme 2023 begins on 1st and 2nd October with the Basque Country Pyrenean Cattle Championship, with its animal exhibition and fair of agricultural and livestock implements and farm produce.

There is no end to festive fun in Gernika-Lumo on the last Monday in October.

The first Saturday in November is Gernika Bean Day, which is accompanied by stew tastings and competitions in log cutting, stone dragging, anvil lifting, etc.

On December 18, the traditional Snail Festival is held, with demonstrations and a gastronomic competition, as well as a market of snails and dried peppers.

October Monday Gernika

Hop on the Euskotren to Gernika. You can take the train from the centre of Bilbao and it will drop you off in the centre of the foral town.

TEL.: 94 625 58 92

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