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Lanestosa – Kobaron, from the mountain to the sea all in five stops

Lanestosa, Cuevas de Pozalagua, El Suceso, Abellaneda y kobaron – itsaslur



July 2022


1. Lanestosa


From LANESTOSA you can take a mountain road that leads to Concha, in Karrantza, but it is easierto follow the road to Ramales de la Victoria, continue on, and turn right at the crossroads signposted to Karrantza before the town of Gibaja.

A beautiful route parallel to the river will leave us next to POZALAGUA CAVE in the district of Ambasaguas, next to the Tourist Office.


2. Pozalagua Cave


The cave is unique in the world for its eccentric stalactites. A truly spectacular visit that can be extended with the attached Interpretation Center of the Armañon Natural Park. On the other side of the road you can visit the Museo de la Antigua Fábrica de Dolomitas (Museum of the Old Dolomite Factory).

El Suceso

3. El Suceso


A few kilometers on towards Balmaseda, a signpost on the left indicates an ascending entrance with the text VIRGEN DEL SUCESO. Take it. It ends in a recreational area, a hermitage, a small bullring and the best views over the valley. Breathe in.

Back on the road towards Balmaseda you will drive through Turtzioz and Artzentales, pay attention: take the turn-off to your left towards Zalla and leave the route to Balmaseda, we will come back next time.


4. Abellaneda


As you descend towards Zalla, you will also see ABELLANEDA on your left at Otxaran. Here you will find the old Casa de Juntas and Museum of Encartaciones inside an ancient fortress. Here you will find the old Casa de Juntas and Museum of Encartaciones inside an ancient fortress.

After the visit, without returning to the main road, continue towards Mercadillo, Las Carreras and Muskiz. You will cross a large part of the mining heartland of Bizkaia. Pay attention to the signs to KOBARON, ITSASLUR.

Kobaron -Itsas lur

5. Kobaron – Itsaslur

Leave your vehicle in the parking area. And enjoy one of the best sunsets in the Bay of Biscay. The path you are now walking on used to be part of the old mining railway line. Remains of the industrial era will turn up if you look carefully. Walk in close company with the wind.

Listen to the sound of the sea. Have a cold glass of whatever you fancy in any of the nearby bars. And feel that time stands still again, just as it did in Lanestosa.

La Compañía del Ron



Enjoy the best drinks and cocktails in a “colonial” atmosphere, you can taste up to 400 specials rums.

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