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Hundred-year-old Artxanda funicular railway

Is committed to sustainability


July 2023

It is the main means of transport linking the city centre with the small plateau of Artxanda, one of the green lungs of the city. It is used daily by thousands of bilbainos and bilbainas to access this large area made up of gardens, trees, and sports facilities, which also provides the best views over the city, the mouth of the Nervión and the nearby Valley.

The Funi, as it is affectionately known, takes less than five minutes to complete a journey it makes every quarter of an hour

Artxanda Funicular


The funicular will soon change its carriages for more comfortable carriages with more seats. It will also incorporate a system for optimising braking energy and photovoltaic panels, which will reduce its electricity consumption by 80%.

And, as if this were not enough, a vertical garden will delight travellers. Up to 12 different species of plants make up a large vertical garden on the façade of the lower station of the Artxanda Funicular.

A 3-D map

Artxanda provides a great added value: great views. From the viewpoints, the city lies at your feet like an immense 3-D map. You can unravel the layout of the Old Quarter, see the flow of the estuary, identify the grid of El Ensanche and the new great promenade next to the riverbed. It seems as if you could touch the Isozaki Towers, the Guggenheim, the Iberdrola Tower, the Euskalduna Palace, San Mamés…

Looking ahead, Pagasarri and Ganekogorta mountains. In the distance, on the left, the mountains of Duranguesado. On the right, Serantes and the mouth of the estuary, see the sea stretching to the horizon, and, depending on the time of the day, you can enjoy a marvellous sunset. On the other bank, Loiu airport, Txorierri, Umbe, Jata, Sollube. You will get a view of the whole Bilbao and a large part of Biscay from where the Funicular stops.

Funicular Artxanda


FARES Free for children under 6, wheelchair users and blind people.


Free, every first Saturday of the month.

From 02/06 to 30/9, the Artxanda Funicular runs from Monday to Thursday from 7:15 to 22:00; Friday, Saturdays and the eve of public holidays from 7:15 to 23:00; and Sundays and public holidays from 8:15 to 22:00. During Aste Nagusia, the opening hours are extended to 24:00.

El Funi, as he is lovingly known.

Information and reservations:

Beers 1906

BEERS 1906


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