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Etxerriaga cider bar

A cider bar to experience a lifestyle.



October 2022

Etxerriaga is a sagardotegi, which means ‘cider bar’ in basque. It’s a large house where apples are grown and pressed, where the drink is made following the tradition.

Although the brothers Unai and Koldo Bilbao inherited a savoir faire that dates back two centuries ago, they are determined to offer an immersive experience to those who visit them.

Etxerriaga cider bar

The Etxerriaga farmhouse is very close to Bilbao, next to Boroa, a really busy area. “But our world is different, an oakwood separates us from the concrete and, behind the trees, the environment is very different”, explains Unai Bilbao while pruning his fruit trees.

At Etxerriaga they look after a thousand native apple trees, specifically for cider. As well as two hectares of vineyards, mostly Hondarribi Zuri, the grape used to make txakoli. “Nontheless, we also have some vines of other varieties from all over the world which we use to illustrate the different characteristics to the visitors”, explains Unai.

Etxerriaga cider bar

They own a txoko, with a maximum capacity of 40 seats. offer chops, beans, talo with chorizo, salads, cheese and other typical dishes such as the unusual morokil (a side dish similar to polenta or porridge). The vegetables and legumes come from their garden. And the eggs come from the hens that peck around it.

In case all of the above wasn’t enough Etxerriaga they show how to take care of apple trees and vineyards, how fruit is pressed and how grape juice is watched. They even show how to make cornmeal pancakes called talo.

Etxerriaga is a total immersion in the flavours, smells and knowledge of a typical farmhouse in Biscay.

Etxerriaga cider bar

Barrio Boroa – Marabi, 1
T. 607 601 925

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