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Eder Aurre in fashion in Bizkaia

Fashion on the banks of the estuary



January 2024

He is one of the names in fashion in Bizkaia. Ever since he was a child, he has been attracted to creativity. He opted for sewing. He studied pattern making, a master’s degree in fashion and studied at Central Saint Martins in London. He was part of the teams of several brands. Until he created his own. He is 30 years old and his career is still on the rise.

Eder Aurre has moved to a larger atelier in the same town where he opened the previous one, Portugalete. The place where the Hanging Bridge sews the two banks of the estuary together with steel. In the atelier he makes the sweatshirts and T-shirts that have become famous in Bilbao, and, above all, garments designed for specific women.

Eder Aurre

Cocktail dresses or bridal dresses. Eder likes to talk to his customers and find out what they really want.

He looks even younger than he is, His sharp eyes stand out at a height of nearly six feet tall.

Eder Aurre

I like Bilbao, it’s my city. It’s a family-friendly, medium-sized place with a healthy atmosphere” , says the designer. “When I’ve been out, I’ve realised that it’s a wonderful city, with wide spaces to walk around. When I come back, I always say to myself: there is no place like Bilbao”, he adds.

Eder Aurre

Over the last five years, Aurre has also had the chance to get to know Portugalete. “I think this part of the estuary is a jewel. We should make even more of it. think we have a beautiful estuary. Going for a walk along the estuary is real pleasure”, says the fashion designer.

Eder Aurre

And, of course, it’s not just about the landscape or the heritage, it’s also about the people. “The atmosphere, for instance, at weekends, in the area around the bars of the Portugalete town hall is very pleasant; my acquaintances who often come here tell me that they love it. The truth is that it is one of my refuges. Whenever I can get away, I can be found in that area”, he stresses.

Eder Aurre

In Bilbao, he is usually in the Casco Viejo. “Also in Ledesma and Muelle de Ripa”, he says.“And I love the Sunday Flower Market in the sheds of El Arenal in Bilbao. I love flowers. And I make the most of it to have a drink in Plaza Nueva, especially if it’s winter or a light day, when it’s nice but cold, I think it’s a great plan”, he concludes.

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