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A dinner from the Egypt of the Pharaohs in Bilbao

A 5000-year-old dinner



October 2023

Bilbao brought ancient Egyptian cuisine back to life in a unique dinner organized by Slow Food Bilbao Bizkaia in collaboration with archaeologist Zahi Hawass. Michelin-starred chef Mikel Población crafted a menu inspired by ancient Egypt at the Atelier Etxanobe restaurant.

Bilbon was in charge of the communication of this unique event inspired by the Pharaohs’ Egypt, promoted by Slow Food Bilbao Bizkaia and held at the restaurant Atelier Etxanobe.

Atelier Etxanobe cena Faraones

Slow Food Bilbao Bizkaia hosted a dinner in Bilbao at the end of September with ingredients and recipes dating back to Pharaonic Egypt, with the support of the renowned archaeologist Zahi Hawass.

The project was born in 2021 under the feet of the Sphinx of Giza, in a meeting between Hawass, Biscayan chefs and the honorary president of Slow Food Bilbao Bizkaia, Mariano Gómez.

Cena antiguo Egipto Bilbao

Michelin-starred chef Mikel Población took on the challenge of creating a gastronomic menu based on the limited culinary documentation that exists to date. The event, accompanied by Lebanese wines and bouza beer, was a great success.

The Bilbon team was privileged to be in charge of the communication of the dinner.

Txakoli Ballano



Traditional Basque food. Specialising in fish and meat. Seasonal local produce.




Assorted tortillas, cod, octopus, gildas, anchovies, Bilbao, mushrooms, tigers, squid rings, perretxikos, Roman hake…

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