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Chef Mikel Población of Etxanobe restaurant

“The restaurants that have consolidated the Michelin star in Bizkaia maintain it, but now there are other challenges that motivate us more”



January 2024

Mikel Población, chef and partner at Etxanobe with a Michelin star in Bizkaia, emphasizes the need to adapt to new gastronomic trends.

He illustrates this with the success of Bokat, an innovative concept of unique sandwiches. While the Michelin star remains prestigious, Población acknowledges the increasing demand for different culinary proposals from the local audience. They are considering expanding Bokat.

Mikel Población Etxanobe

M ikel Población, chef and partner of Fernando Canales in the kitchen and management of Etxanobe (1 Michelin star) perceives “a kind of standby” in the haute cuisine of our territory.

Other guides have appeared, there are other attractions, there is another way of consuming gastronomy. The Michelin star gives you prestige and helps international clients to look for you, but the local public is looking for other suggestions”, reveals Población.

Bokat Bilbao


One of these innovative suggestions has been put together by the Etxanobe team itself. And it’s called Bokat. A spot in the city centre to buy and take away very special sandwiches. “It’s going like gangbusters. It’s an idea that came up in a meeting with the youngest members of the team. And it works” .

It’s a take-away restaurant where you can choose from eight sandwiches, including salmon, steak tartar, lobster, vegan or pulled pork.

There are various delicious sauces and breads to choose from. Prices are around 20 euros. But a single sandwich is enough for two people.

Bokat Bilbao

Our value lies in the sauces. We know about sauces and the possible combinations that can go well with the ingredients”, explains the chef.

Bokat is such a success that they are already considering an expansion plan.



Henao 14, Bilbao
T. 94 471 50 99

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