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Carnivals 2024 in Bilbao and Bizkaia

From 10 to 13 February



January 2024

The “modern” Carnival of Bilbao or the traditional celebrations of Markina and Mundaka keep the cold away from the streets.

Carnivals 2024 in Bilbao

Carnival festivities in Bilbao breathed new life in the eighties of the last century. Since then, they begin with the trial of Farolín and Zarambolas in the Plaza Nueva.

An open-air performance in which two personalities chosen from among the popular Bilbaínas and Bilbaínos embody Farolín and Zarambolas.

A cage, a court and a fun parade are the starting signal for concerts, varied festivities such as the Barnival bar decoration contest, an array of costumes and a fantastic atmosphere continue until the spectacular Burial of the Sardine and its incineration on the estuary.


Carnivals in Markina-Xemein 2024 (Bizkaia)

In Markina-Xemein, the traditional Parade of the Bear (Hartzaren Desfilea) is held. The owner of the bear and an individual disguised as a bear roam the cobbled streets of the historic town amidst the curiosity of the young and old alike.

Markina-Xemein also hosts the Zagi Dantza (Odre Dance), a curious dance that is performed during Carnival.

Carnivals in Mundaka 2024 (Bizkaia)

In Mundaka, the beautiful port located between Gernika and Bermeo, in the Urdaibai estuary, they celebrate carnivals in which men, called atorrak, and women, called lamiak, take part.

The atorrak, wearing white skirts, blouses and trousers, cover their heads with pillowcases, play guitars, bandurrias, accordions and other traditional instruments.

The lamiak wear black and white wigs, exaggerated make-up and multicoloured scarves. They take over the streets day and night.

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