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Bizkaibizi, public e-bike sharing



January 2024

Discover BizkaiBizi, the successful electric bicycle rental service in nine municipalities in the metropolitan area of Bilbao.

Promoted by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, this public service allows you to pick up and drop off bicycles at different points, promoting sustainable mobility. Free registration and the APP facilitates access, with a minimal cost charged directly to the associated card.

T he distinctive orange electric bicycles with which you can move around nine municipalities in the metropolitan area of Bilbao have been successfully launched.


The public bicycle rental service promoted by the Departament of Transport, Mobility and tourism of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia covers, for the time being, a total of nine towns and cities in Bizkaia on both sides of the river. The towns in this project are Barakaldo, Berango, Bilbao, Erandio, Getxo, Leioa, Portugalete, Santurtzi and Sestao. In other words, you can pick up an electric bike in Bilbao and drop it off at another

BizkaiBizi point in Portugalete or Berango, for instance. The same goes for the other way round.

All you need to do to register with BizkaiBizi is to sign up at and download the bicycle service’s app. Registration is free of charge.

APP Bizkaibizi

Bicycles can be picked up from the parking area in two ways.

The first way is by scanning the QR code on the bike with the app, and the second one is by using the Barik (public transport pass card) that you linked to your profile when you registered on the website.

The charge for each trip will be debited from the credit or debit card you provided when you signed up. Fees are very low.


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