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bilbON Bizkaia Nº3 (otoño-autumn 2022)

bizkaia land of autumn

There are some places that stand out for a long summer. They boast sunny weather. Or snowy. And that’s fine. They all have a charm.

But autumn is a wonderful cocktail. Two parts mild summer and two parts balmy winter. Not all latitudes enjoy it, however. In Bizkaia,fortunately, it manifests itself with its complex personality characterised by pleasant temperatures, light rain and the scent of soil. The waves improvise their energetic ballet against the cliffs; the forests are dressed in gold and red on the slopes of Gorbea, in Urdaibai and Enkarterri the hedges of mushrooms and fungi appear in meadows and beech forests; the twilights and auroras compete in colour; the birds that seek wintering in Africa chatter in the wetlands; the streams hum downhill.

Kitchens smell of game and stew, corn cakes called ‘talo’ are toasted; friend groups sing under the eaves of taverns; museums, concert halls and theatres, cosy as they are, refine their programmes.

Give me juicy autumnal fruit, ripe and red from the orchard,’’ said Walt Whitman. He would have relished it in Bizkaia, land of autumn.


  • Orduña
    La ciudad en la naturaleza. The city amidst nature
  • De Urduña a San Nicolás
    From Urduña to the island of San Nicolás in 5 stops
  • Vistalegre
    Un museo al aire libre. An open-air museum combining sculpture and architecture
  • Punta Galea
    Los domadores de olas gigantes. The giant wave handlers return to Punta Galea
  • Fangaloka style
    Imagina no tener que imaginar. Where imagination turns into realit
  • The estuary of Bilbao
    Water born anew. The estuary of bilbao, water born a new
  • San Mames experience
    Much more than football. Much more than football
  • Fiestas de otoño
    Los lunes de octubre en Gernika y Santo Tomás. The great autumn festivities
  • Pablo Amann
    Líder de la banda local The Wayward Sons. Leader of local band The Wayward Sons
  • Antomar Restaurant
    Jamón ibérico as a hallmark. Jamón ibérico as a hallmark
  • Sabores del Casco Viejo
    The historic taste of Bilbao el sabor de la historia
  • Visite un restaurante-caserío
    Visit a farmhouse-restaurant
  • Do you know basque?
    Do you know basque?
  • Flower Market
    Cada domingo en Bilbao. Every Sunday, Flower Market
  • Artxanda Funicular
    Bilbao from above Bilbao from above
  • BEC
    Ferias, mercados, conciertos… Fairs, markets, concerts and conferences
  • Bilbao
    Ciudad para el otoño. City for autumn
  • Teatro Arriaga
    Teatro en un edificio singular. Theatre in a magnificent building

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