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Bilbao, Spain’s happiest city

Let yourself be captivated: you are in the happiest city in Spain.


October 2023

Bilbao, Spain’s happiest city in 2023! According to the London Institute for Quality of Life, Bilbao tops the happy city ranking, surpassing Madrid and Barcelona. Why? Quality services, natural beauty, and a welcoming spirit. Discover Bilbao’s happiness.

The London Institute for Quality of Life conducts an annual ranking of happy cities for de Happy City Hub. This ranking takes into account aspects such as the governance, the environment, the economy and mobility, as well as green spaces and easy means of payment for public services.

In 2023, Bilbao tops the ranking of happy cities in Spain, ahead of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and León. And its ranked 69th out of 200 happy cities, mostly headed by cities in Northern Europe and the eastern United States.

Bilbao is ranked ahead of Philadelphia, Dublin, Cardiff, Tokyo, Hamburg, Frankfurt or Brussels among other major cities.

The quality of the services, the walkability, the gastronomy, the integration of the surrounding nature and the friendliness of the territory, the culture and sports on hand, the proximity to the sea and the mountains, the uniqueness of traditions. It all adds up.
But the main factor that, according to Plato, shapes the personality of a city is the character of its citizens.

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Beers 1906

BEERS 1906


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