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Bilbao, the mecca of solidary fashion

In Bilbao, summer trends are presented with a large fashion show in which around 150 people take part


April 2023

It takes place at the Euskalduna Conference Centre and Concert Hall. And it has the support of the main public administrations.

It is a great event that, for almost a decade, has been a date marked in red on the calendar by the VIPS of the city and its surroundings. It is a must-attend event.

Solidary fachion Bilbao

Much less so in 2023, when the fashion show returned after the pandemic. The clothes, styling, make-up, accessories and footwear were provided by firms and shops attached to Bilbao Centro such as Boboly, Juan Bilbao, Eder Costume, Sombreros Albero, Garzón, Lush, Khala or Eduardo Loreto among many others.

The presentation is usually carried out by well-known artists who give way to the different parts of the parade and the musical performances.

Solidary fachion Bilbao
Solidary fachion Bilbao

The best thing is that the event has a solidarity purpose in favour of the Fundación Síndrome de Down País Vasco. And that famous sportspeople, artists, journalists, popular figures and, above all, more than a hundred children, teenagers and adults with Down’s syndrome are taking part as models.

The commercial community has always been strong in Bilbao. The solidary community has never been left behind. This is the first city in the world that chose to hold a fashion show in which people with Down’s syndrome were models, which doesn’t result very special: they are models every day of the year.








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