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Bilbao in black

With May comes the leather.



April 2023

The gay leather and fetish event is held in Bilbao this spring in mid-May.

The city becomes the southern European meeting place for people in- terested in leather, rubber, boots, harnesses, trainers and neoprene.

Bilbao in Black 2023

The events begin with a social gathering and dinner followed by a boat party on the Bilbao estuary.

Saturday kicks off with breakfast and a sightseeing tour of Bilbao, visiting the impressive Guggenheim Museum and ending with a fetish lunch.

The party continues late into the night with the official night party followed by the group photo session.

On Sunday, the last day ends with a farewell brunch.

Bilbao in Black 2023

According to the reference website GayTravel4U “Bilbao is a modern metropolitan city and has a vibrant gay scene.

Most of Bilbao’s gay clubs are located in close proximity to each other in the areas known as Casco Viejo and Bilbao La Vieja”.

The website adds that “weekends in Bilbao are very lively and very busy as it is the epicentre of gay life in the whole of north-west Spain”.

Don Manuel Bakery



Tasting of hot chocolate, milkshakes, coffee, infusions and soft drinks that, accompanied by a sweet, make the dreams of those with a sweet tooth come true.

Restaurante Everest bi



Maria Antonia’s kitchen. Cantabrian fish of the day. Ox Cattle and Major Cattle.

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