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Bilbao, a big city in 15 minutes.

You are in a great 15-minute city enjoy it!


April 2023

The quest for sustainability as the big idea of our time has fuelled the concept of the ‘15-minute city’. That is, the articulation of an urban structure that allows people to travel to their jobs, leisure, shopping or health services on foot, by bicycle or public transport within a maximum time span of 15 minutes. Without requiring the use of private vehicles.

To achieve this goal, many megacities are considering rethinking the city neighbourhood concept, decentralising services and even supporting new lifestyles.

Bilbao, as you can see, is not a megalopolis. It is, however, a big city. The density, frequency and quality of its public transport, the increasingly extensive network of bike lanes, and the abundance of pedestrian areas, make virtually the entire city of Bilbao a 15-minute city. In fact, even less, thanks to the existence of local shops and leisure areas all around the city.

15-minute city’ concept

Planet Puppy

Experience a real 15-minute city. Active, cross-cutting and comfortable, where the Opera House, the internationally renowned museum, the legendary football stadium and the popular areas are, at most, at that time distance.

And bear in mind that, 25 minutes by Metro from the centre itself, you’ll find a beach where you can surf or walk up a hill inhabited by a herd of semi-wild horses.

Just enjoy yourself.

Tapachula Bilbao



Mexican restaurant of reference in the town.
The flavour of Mexico in Bilbao.

Tipula Burger Bilbao



We understand the burger world as an unpretentious, unpretentious and unpretentious world.

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