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Autumn fairs 2023 at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre



October 2023

Ura bere bidean BEC 2023

Ura Bere Bidean

On the 23rd of October, ‘Ura Bere Bidean’ will take place. An innovative project for musical encounters between Basque artists from diverse generations and the creation of musical heritage in the Basque language, promoted by the Fair Saturday Foundation. A global panorama at a glance.

In the edition of 2023 there will be twenty performers taking part, representing a wide variety of styles and generations. The following artists will be participating: Doctor Deseo (Francis Diez), Parabellum, Delirium Tremens (Andoni Basterretxea), Urtz (Xabi Camarero), Sorotan Bele (Urbil Artola and Gorka Sarriegi), Gozategi (Asier Gozategi and Iñigo Goikoetxea), Mikel Urdangarin, Gatibu (Alex Sardui and Haimar Arejita), Zea Mays (Aiora and Piti), Anne Etchegoyen, Esne Beltza (Xabi Solano), Skakeitan (Peio Armendariz), En Tol Sarmiento (Iñigo Etxezarreta), Rozalen, Kalakan, Olatz Salvador, Bulego (Tom Lizarazu), Idoia, Neomak and Süne.

BEC retro clásica 2023

Retro Clásica Bilbao 2023

Retro Clásica Bilbao, returns between the 10th and 12th of November. The most important classic car show in the north of Spain, and a meeting point for people interested in vintage engines for many hundreds of kilometres around.

Classic, vintage and collector’s cars and motorbikes, as well as accessories, clothing, magazines, etc., are on display, available for purchase and sale.

PIN BEC 2023-24

Christmas Children’s Fair 2023-24

From 16 December to 7 January, Christmas Children’s Fair.

Amusement rides, sports tournaments, educational activities and lots of fun for young and old alike.

Bilbao Exhibition Center

Café Iruña Bilbao
Café Iruña Bilbao 2023


1903 – 2023

Founded in 1903 by Severo Unzue from Navarre, the Iruña Bilbao café, located in the heart of the city, has remained a meeting place for locals and visitors alike throughout its 120 years of existence.

It is of great cultural and artistic value, with the originality of the horseshoe-shaped bar, the arabesques decorating the walls and ceilings and the frescoes on the walls.

Witness to the most important events in the city and the most illustrious visits, it combines an active cultural and social life around its gastronomy, which covers a wide range of breakfasts, aperitifs, menus, drinks and snacks, without renouncing its originality and heritage value.

Jardines de Albia. Bilbao

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