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Alejandro Muguerza

A Bilbao native who makes dreams come true all over the world.



July 2022

A lejandro Muguerza was born in Havana in 1960. He has lived in Miami, London, Mexico, Brussels and Barcelona, but his roots lie in Markina. And his home is in Bilbao. Since the mid-1990s, he has become the creative force that distinguishes the projects of Le Basque, his full-service catering and event design company, well known for organising events that stand out for their elegance. Among its clients, many jet-setting big names. As if this was not enough, he is a tireless ambassador for Basque gastronomy in general and that of Bizkaia in particular.

Alejandro Muguerza is a unique combination himself: one part British dandy, a few drops of Renaissance Florentine character, a cosmopolitan grating and the essence of Bilbao. A true personality with an international dimension who puts his savoir-faire at the service of major events all over the world.

“The key element here is the concept around which the party, the reception or the social event is to be built. And to determine the feeling, which is conditioned by the surroundings, the specific location, the time of year and the type of people invited,” explains Muguerza.

He knows what he is talking about. The Art Bassel Miami Beach exhibition, Nicholas Puech Hermes, or the US Democratic Party when it presents presidential candidates in Miami, such as Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Barack Obama or Joe Biden, rely on his brilliance.

“In our events, gastronomy accounts for 25% of the success. Other factors such as protocol, decoration, lighting, quality of service and music are also important. What is certain is that everything must achieve excellence,” he warns. Le Basque has four chefs of different nationalities and styles who can design and carry out the menu or supervise it in case the party has to be all about local cuisine. “Although I always personally decide the order and presentation of the dishes”, Muguerza stresses.

At the time of this interview, he is currently busy organising a private event in Italy. The next one could be on the Côte d’Azur.

Alejandro Muguerza Bilbon LeBasque

Son of a big name in cesta punta: Muguerza I

Alejandro Muguerza LeBasque Bilbon Miami

Alejandro is one of the three sons of one of the best-known fullbacks (zagueros) of the cesta punta from the mid-1940s to the 1960s, José María Muguerza. Pelota took him from his native Markina, where he was born in 1921 into a family of pelota players, to Zaragoza, and then to Madrid before moving on to the ‘Palacio de los Gritos’ in Havana. It was there that he met Doña Martha Alonso, whom he married. He displayed his portentous backhand in Mexico, Miami, Daytona Beach and Dania, among other frontons.

After retiring from the courts and becoming an active businessman, he revived the Principal Palace fronton in Barcelona with a team that brought together the best players of the moment. His brother Fermín, Alejandro’s uncle, was also a famous pelota player.

Le Basque and Leku, two Basque and international brands

Alejandro Muguerza LeB asque Miami Bilbon

LE BASQUE, the catering and coordination company for private or corporate events, emerged in London “by chance” and triumphed in Miami because of the First Gulf War. One of the guests at a party that Muguerza organized at his London residence in the early 1980s was Ian Perris. An expert in protocol, he was then involved in the organization of events such as those surrounding the famous Ascot Derby. “He had learned at the family home of John Spencer, VIII Earl of Spencer, in the good old days of Diana and Prince Charles. Then he was responsible for the Lord Mayor of London’s house and the US embassy. Whatever it was, he loved that party. And he offered me a partnership to organise events”, says Muguerza. The first Gulf War created an atmosphere in the islands that limited the big parties. “We decided to move to Miami and it was a good decision,” he recalls. Economic and social activity boomed in the city. And so did that of Le Basque since they organized a party for Julio Iglesias mother as soon as they landed.

The Leku restaurant, based in Miami, is Alejandro Muguerza’s other great project. “A success thanks to chefs that I have brought from here, from kitchens such as Azurmendi or Etxabarri, such as Mikel Goikolea”, he explains.

Alejandro Muguerza’s Bilbao

Alejandro Muguerza LeBasque Ian Perris Bilbon

“This is a very delightful city, comfortable to walk around in. Anyone who visits should explore the city and stop and just walk in anywhere they feel like”, he recommends. “I love to browse in Arbe Decoraciónor La Trastienda de Doña Casilda. I like to have a drink in Txintxirri, La Gavillaor La Revoltosa… and fish in Zapirain”,he reveals.

“The opera, if it’s in season, and the choral shows are also good here”, he points out. And he emphasizes that “the environment of the city is wonderful; In this Bilbao beats many other cities: the environment provides special experiences and is surprisingly varied”.

Le Basque


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