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5 recommendations to visit Bilbao in summer

This is something not to be missed.



July 2023

In addition to the gastronomy, the climate is marvellous in Bilbao. There is no extreme heat or cold. The proximity of the sea softens it all. But, for the same reason, for a day trip, don’t forget a small folding umbrella or a mackintosh.

Artxanda Bilbao

A stroll around Artxanda

The Funicular, as is the case of the visit to the Mercado de la Ribera, is not to be missed. Its lower mouth is on Calle Castaños. It is waiting for you every 15 minutes. At the top you will find a large skating rink and viewpoints bordering a wooded park.

A descriptive panel gives a name to the mountains on the horizon. To the north-west, the sea. It is waiting for you every 15 minutes. Take a walk along the Campo de Volantin.

Parque Etxebarria Bilbao

Views of the city from the Etxebarria Park and the descent along the Mallona walkways

You can get to Etxebarria Park on any of the Bilbobus lines ending in 8. Get off at the stop closest to the huge solitary brick chimney. Walk through the park. From its rightmost path you will enjoy magnificent views of the city. In Aste Nagusia, that space is occupied by the fair and the circus, so keep that in mind. At the end of the park you will see football pitches, an old bowling alley and the steps leading down to the Plaza de Unamuno, the old entrance to the city.

You can lose yourself in the old quarter.

Irala Bilbao


Streets with centuries-old English-style townhouses that climb the hill behind the Plaza de Zabalburu. Each one has its own small garden and is painted in a different colour to the one next door. They conserve all the typicality of Bilbao of the early 20th century. And the bars provide all the atmosphere of an authentic Bilbao neighbourhood.

A good way to feel how the city breathes.

Puente colgante Bizkaia

Trip to the Suspension Bridge by train and return by Metro

The bridge known as the Hanging Bridge is an essential part of a visit to Bilbao. We recommend that you take the Portugalete suburban line and get off at this station. On your walk to the bridge you will enjoy Portugalete. Enjoy the bridge’s shuttle and the views of the Abra. When you get off, you will be in Las Arenas. Wander through the streets. Have a drink. Ask for the Metro station.

The amount of all the journeys will cost you less than a pintxo and a glass of txakoli.

Use public transport, it works very well .

Sunset from the cliff

Metro Line 1, very close to the town, stops at Plentzia, which is well worth a visit, as is the neighbouring town of Gorliz.

But the Larrabasterra and Sopelana stations provide access to the high cliffs overlooking the sea.

These areas have good spots where you can listen to music, dine or have a snack. And you can enjoy the slow sunset over the reddish sea.

Bilbao City View

Bilbao City View

Tourist bus

Departures Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.

Stop nº 10: Funicular de Artxanda.

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