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Restaurante Zuretzat

The restaurant that fed the Guggenheim.



April 2023

The restaurant is decorated with the work helmets of the technical staff who built the museum, including Frank Ghery himself.

Zuretzat Bilbao

The Guggenheim Museum has celebrated 25 years of great exhibitions and success that have meant a great change for Bilbao.

One of the first establishments in the city to feel this impact was the Zuretzat restaurant, bar and café. It opened its doors a couple of hundred steps from Puppy, on Calle Iparraguirre (Iparraguirre Street).

Bar Zuretzat

For just under 30 years and until 25 years ago, architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, computer scientists and technicians in other fields had breakfast and lunch every day at the Zuretzat. The restaurant is still in the same place and follows the same philosophy. There weren’t many restaurants in the area at that time”, they say. They remember a loyal customers, one of whom was Frank Gehry himself. Simple, friendly people, who often stayed to play cards. And who, when the work was finished, left their helmets in the Zuretzat, where they remain and where anyone can look at them trying to figure out the signature made with a felt-tip pen.

The blue paint for the museum is unique and cannot be seen anywhere else, except on the ceiling of the Zuretzat. Would you like to sit at Gehry’s table?


Iparraguirre 7 – Bilbao
Metro Abando

Zuretzat Bilbao



Family restaurant with a bar serving tapas, casseroles and delicious ‘rabas’ (fried squid). Kitchen open from 12 to 20h

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