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Zierbena a hidden fishing port in Bizkaia



January 2024

Zierbena is the westernmost coastal area of Bizkaia. Its charming port is sheltered by the presence of the Serantes mountain pass and the proximity of the commercial port of Santurtzi.

S eafaring has shaped the streets and soul of Zierbena. The small quay still stands with its moorings for fishing and recreational boats, in the natural shelter provided by local terrain and orography.

Today there is also a small artificial beach with very calm waters.

Zierbena fishing port Bizkaia

If you are looking for a beach open to the Bay of Biscay for walking, surfing or bathing, you should visit another sport in the area: La Arena Beach. Dunes and reeds greet the Barbadun river that flows out to the sea.

There is a spacious car park and a couple of restaurants.

Zierbena fishing port Bizkaia

Cape Matxitxako lighthouse (Bermeo)

Zierbena fishing port Bizkaia

If you prefer a gentle hike that will give you a view over the landscape, you can ask for the Punta Lucero ascent, which is just over 300 metres high.

Well paved and signposted, it works up an appetite to enjoy the seafood and small restaurants that open their doors next to the port.

Zierbena fishing port Bizkaia

If luck is on our side, perhaps the local trawler, one of the most traditional in Bizkaia, will come out to train.

So much so, that in the 19th century they competed against the Santurtzi boat to settle a boundary issue.

Zierbena fishing port Bizkaia

A cup of coffee on one of the terraces in Zierbena, listening to the sea waking up before recharging your batteries, invites you to tune into a world and time different from those of the big city.


On the beach of La Arena.
Teléfono: 662 547 468.



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