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Pub Sir Winston Churchill

A drink for all tastes



July 2023

Sir Winston Churchill has classic English pub style décor. Sifted lights. And each corner has an ambience for chatting and enjoying the alchemy of Alberto Canales and his team. Nearly one thousand references in distillates. Selected fruit. Perfect ice. Luxury glassware. Good music. After that, everything goes differently. Everything is tailor-made for the person sitting at the bar. A customised experience.

Excellent perfumes take on a different nuance depending on the skin.

Sir Winston Churchill follows the same philosophy. Each glass is tailored according to the tastes and preferences of the person ordering it. Just take a minute to tell the barman what you fancy. And you’ll get your drink. If you simply want a classic cocktail in standard proportions, you’ll get it.

Drinks Churchill Bilbao

At Sir Winston Churchill’s, for more than fifteen years, they have been proving that it takes skill to make a good cocktail. However, placing the right nuances in the glass to turn each drink into a unique experience is only within the scope of those who strive for perfection day after day. Just like the great parfumeurs.

Pub Sir Winston Churchill

Sabino Arana, 1. Bilbao
T. 944 27 78 73
Metro San Mamés

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