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Pablo Amann

leader of local band The Wayward Sons .



October 2022

The Biscayan southern rock band ‘Amann&The Wayward Sons’ keeps on performing presenting their latest third album, Hymns of hope and rage. On the 21th of January they will close their tour with a concert in Bilbao’s Sala Santana. Amann not only knows how to compose and play music, he knows where to listen to it as well.

“During the pandemic there was a huge pause,” says Pablo Amann about live music. “But then all the artists came out in force, with a lot of new material and a desire to show it”.

The Wayward Sons’ leader stresses that “right now there is a beastly offer of live music available almost every day of the week. And, obviously, during the weekend there are plenty of options”.

Pablo Amann

Amman mentions “the Sala Santana, the Kafe Antzokia and Azkena, places where the best bands perform. I also recommend keeping an eye on Crazy Horse, a small venue that’s bringing in amazing artists that perform on a small stage, even in a vermouth session on Sundays. It also doesn’t hurt to sit at the Guggenheim kiosk and listen to the great jazz musicians of Bilbao”.

The guitarist and composer mentions a wide range of venues in Getxo, Portugalete, Santurtzi, Gernika, Erandio, Durango and Balmaseda, to name but a few towns and cities.

“Bilbao has a beastly offer of live music right now”
Pablo Amann

Pablo Amann, roots in Westphalia, southern rock

Pablo Amann, a descendant of a Westphalian German who settled in Bilbao in the 19th century, was born in the Biscayan capital in 1967. At the age of twelve he bought his first guitar with money he had borrowed. After that, he couldn’t stop.

He first discovered Pink Floyd, Supertramp, ELO and Fleetwood Mac, and then Dylan, James Taylor, Neil Young and Tom Petty. Now his music is inspired by the American sounds of blues, southern rock, roots rock, country and soul.

Pablo Amann

His walk

“In Bilbao I love to walk from Zorrozaurre to the Casco Viejo and then to Marzana”.

Its bars

“La Morrocotuda and Residence in the Ensanche; and Baster and Marzana in Casco Viejo and Bilbao La Vieja”.

His landscapes

“A tour of the Coast seems essential to me, San Juan de Gaztelugatxe although it is now overcrowded by mass tourism and fashion, Urdaibai, from both sides, Mundaka and Laida. Elantxobe, Lekeitio…”

His tastes

“I am very interested in everything that has been done in recent years in Zorrozaure, from Hall 6, Zwap or Espacio 600. They represent a much-needed push for culture from an unconventional point of view, and managed from independence and total freedom.

In terms of music, I was very happy with the premiere of the ‘Bilbao Blues Festival’ last July with the support of the City Council.

I hope it consolidates and becomes a benchmark blues festival!”

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