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Gabriel Garbisu, a classical actor from Bilbao

Actor, he is one of the greatest contemporary experts in the way of saying the verse required by classical theatre. And, he’s from Bilbao He is part of the cast of the comedy ‘Ser o no ser’ that the company of the great Juan Echanove continues to perform on stage



January 2023

At an undisclosed age, he says that he started at the age of 19 at the El Desván academy in the Biscayan capital, took part in a travelling puppet show, enrolled in the recently formed Antzerti public acting school where he passed two courses until the prestigious Luis Iturri staged Euripides’ The Trojans. He was picked for the choir, and that’s when everything changed. He moved from Antzerti to the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático and found a job at the Centro Dramático Nacional.

He created his own company to perform four plays by Calderón de la Barca: pure Siglo de Oro, classical theatre. “That’s my great passion”, he insists, even though he has been cast in TV series and feature films, including those by Pedro Almodovar.

Gabriel Garbisu

“Being an actor suits my personality. A profession that he describes as “very physical” and “team-based”. He has practised “a lot of football, pelota with all kinds of equipment, dance, surfing and bodyboarding”.

In Madrid he is homesick for the sea. That is why he returns to Bilbao whenever he can.

Garbisu Gabriel

Gabriel Garbisu’s walking tours

“The whole stroll along the edge of the Ría, through Olabeaga to Zorroza; I love Zorrozaurre”.

“The rural environment where some of my brothers live in Mungia, I love the meadows and the hills”.

The waves

“I used to catch waves everywhere on the coast, but especially in Sopelana and Bakio”.

A snack

“The Sanjoseren Palace is a very special place in Getxo. Or La Oka in Marqués del Puerto, an excellent place to have a bite to eat and a glass of wine”.

Pub Winstorn Churchill Bilbao

Sir Winston Churchill

Alberto Canales

English pub located next to the Plaza Sagrado Corazón in Bilbao. Cocktails and Spirits

Indian Sopelana


Terrace facing the cliffs. Spectacular pintxos bar.

Arriatera beach – Sopelana

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