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bilbON Bizkaia Nº8 (invierno-winter 2023-24)

99 years have gone by since Albert Einstein was relatively close to Bilbao
During 2023, 80 cruise ships anchored in Getxo. And 150,000 cruise passengers had the opportunity to get to know Bilbao and Bizkaia. These are record figures that will probably be surpassed in 2024.

However, this is not new. The territory has long been a point of destination or passage. In the inter-war (world) period of the 20th century, Bilbao was a port of rest for many of the great transatlantic liners leaving northern Europe for America or Africa. Passenger on one of them -on the Hamburg-based Cap Polonius- was the great Albert Einstein. That much is certain. And also that it received on board a few local personalities who knew the great theoretical physicist. It happened 99 years ago, in March 1925. Legend has it that he went ashore to get to know the city and its gastronomy and that he even stayed at a well-known hotel in the city.

If it was not so at the time, it would certainly have been so today. Or, perhaps, he is doing so, considering the relative nature of space and time. Enjoy the city and the winter in Bizkaia, our cultural, scenic, historical and, of course, gastronomic offerings. If you squint your eyes, you might see Albert Einstein passing by.


  • Gorbeia. The mountain that separates sea and land
  • irala, the piece of Bilbao that was uprooted from the United Kingdom
  • From Zierbena to the Dolomite Museum From sea to mountain in five steps
  • Zierbena. The hidden fishing port
  • A museum that turns into a new way of understanding the industry of the Bizkaia
  • Eder Aurre. Fashion on the banks of the estuary
  • Te painter Ignacio Goitia opoens tehe most artistc store in Bilbao
  • Commerce in Bilbao will hit the streets to celebrate the arrival of spring
  • The BEC! beats the winter blues
  • Carnival takes over Bilbao and Bizkaia in costume
  • Fangaloka style also in winter
  • The new Michelin star in the gastronomic skies of Bizkaia is a risign
  • Mikel Población, Etxanobe
  • The historic taste of Bilbao
  • Txakoli Simón, in Artxanda
  • Bar Monty
  • Antomar Restaurant
  • El Puertito
  • Four must-do winter experiences in Bizkaia
  • Bizkaibizi getting around on an electric rental bike
  • The Basque culture festival will celebrate its tenth edition
  • Do you know Basque?
  • Artxanda Funicular

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