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bilbON Bizkaia Nº6 (verano-summer 2023)

A lively summer in Biscay

It was not so long ago that summer used to empty Bilbao. Today the mood is very different. The city is lively and dynamic. Cruise ships arrive, pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago pass through, pleasure boats sail up the estuary and groups of cycle tourists, motorcyclists, motorhomes and families arrive.

Visitors bring their own agenda: museums, gastronomy, concerts, routes, landscapes… But they would be well advised to put aside their planning and let loose. Perhaps they can soak up the atmosphere of a game of pelota or basketball in the most unexpected place. Or be surprised by the spectacle of a rowing regatta. Taste the marmitako of a popular meal. Open eyes at a stone-lifting exhibition. Or listen to a jazz concert. Not to mention one of the most incredible bird-watching spots in the world, a UNESCO biosphere reserve, magical natural parks such as Urkiola or the chance to soak up a unique language such as Basque.

Don’t hesitate, experience Bizkaia.


  • Uribe region
  • From Otxandio to Barrika From the mountain to the sea in 5 steps
  • Trawler regattas
  • Los Encajeros
  • New Ignacio Goitia store
  • The hundred-year-old Artxanda funicular railway
  • Belén Lucas
  • URDUFOLK 2023
  • 5 recommendations for those visiting Bilbao in summer
  • The best popular feasts in Biscay
  • The ‘Vermouth of the city of Bilbao’
  • Relaxed summer at BEC
  • Arvo coffee & plants
  • The historic taste of Bilbao
  • Antomar Restaurant
  • Tamarises izarra
  • Bar Jaime
  • ROOF Euskalduna terrace and jazz at the Guggenheim
  • Do you know basque?
  • Pub Sir Winston Churchill

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