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Bilbon Bizkaia Magazine Nº2 (summer 2022)

Party goes on

From the night of San Juan, 24 June onwards, the nights start to get longer. And the patron saint festivals of virtually all the municipalities of Biscay come together. Whatever the plans that have brought you to these lands, and whatever date you set on the calendar, your accommodation is sure to be just a few kilometers away from the festivities. It could be a day in a remote sea port, or on the shore of a beach, a pilgrimage (“romería”) in front of a small hermitage surrounded by a dozen oak trees on the top of a hill, or a large celebration in an important town. Come and join in.

There will be a popular meal, music, a regatta, stone-lifters, pelota matches, sokatira competitions and a thousand other things. They will provide shade if it is hot and cover if it rains, let you sing with them and teach you two moves of a jota.

When the sun rises, before you realise, you won’t have any strength left. But you won’t want to leave either. And by mid-morning, you’ll be wishing you were back.

Party goes on.


  • Alejandro Muguerza
    Un bilbaíno que materializa sueños.
  • Cesta Punta
    El deporte de aquí que triunfó en el mundo.
  • Alicia Fernández
    Directora de la Sala Rekalde.
  • Vela
    Sailing takes off in the Abra.
  • Fangaloka style
    Imagina no tener que imaginar.
  • Bakio
    Between waves and vineyards.
  • Lanestosa
    El lugar que detiene los relojes.
  • Lanestosa – Kobaron
    De la montaña al mar en cinco paradas.
  • Txakoli
    Experiencias e historia.
  • Olaia Fernández, chef
    “En Portuondo siempre tenemos pescado a la brasa”.
  • Sabores del Casco Viejo
  • Antomar Restaurant
    Jamón ibérico as a hallmark.
  • Tras 730 días ¡Fiestas!
  • Artxanda Funicular
    Bilbao from above
  • Las tendencias
    Las tendencias creadas en Bizkaia.
  • Bilbao, a drink for sure in a safe place.
  • Badulake
    The soul of fun.
  • Disfrute sobre raíles
    Dos trenes turísticos de lujo: el Expreso de la Robla y del Costa Verde Express.

From the story of Alejandro Muguerza, a native of Bilbao who turns dreams into reality, to the global fame of Cesta Punta, the local sport that triumphed worldwide.

Alicia Fernández, Director of Sala Rekalde, guides us through the vibrant world of art in Bilbao, while the Vela in the Abra weaves an exceptional maritime narrative. Discover the “Fangaloka Style,” where imagination knows no bounds, and immerse yourself in Bakio, where waves embrace vineyards.

In Lanestosa, time seems to stand still, and in Lanestosa – Kobaron, you’ll experience a journey from the mountains to the sea in five unforgettable stops. Txakoli de Bizkaia invites you to savor historical experiences through your palate, while Olaia Fernández, a chef in Portuondo, promises to always have grilled fish.

The Flavors of the Old Town enrich your palate with authenticity. At Restaurante Antomar, Iberian ham waves as the flag of high gastronomy. After 730 days of waiting, the Festivals are back! he Funicular de Artxanda takes you to the heights to admire Bilbao from a unique perspective.

Discover the fashion trends born in Bizkaia and make sure to enjoy your drink in Bilbao with complete safety. Finally, Bar Badulake embodies the spirit of fun in the city.

For train enthusiasts, the luxurious Expreso de la Robla and Costa Verde Express offer unique rail experiences.

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