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Bar Monty celebrates 50 years of pintxos in Bilbao

The bar of Bilbao’s culinary tradition turns 50 years old



January 2024

In Abando, corner of Heros and Ajuriaguerra. Eneko Uceta has been maintaining the essence of the Monty for 30 years, the last few years as manager of a place that sustains the best of Bilbao’s restaurant tradition.

He follows the path marked by the 20 years when Monty was run by its founders.

Bar Monty

The bar, right in the centre of Bilbao, is open from 07:00 to 23:00 from Monday to Thursday. And until 01:00 in the morning on Fridays and Saturdays.

Closed only on Sunday afternoons.

Passing through its door means smelling good coffee and facing the temptation of traditional pìntxos, as well as extraordinary potato omelettes.

When it comes to wine, vermouth, beer and drinks, Monty’s offers the best.

Bar Monty

And it keeps a secret: its cuisine. Hake and anchovies in batter, begihaundi, cod in pil-pil sauce, mushrooms, fish soup, squid rabas, stews, ensaladilla…

The traditional repertoire to be enjoyed at their few tables or to take home or to the rented flat in a tupperware.

Three generations of customers continue to trust us, there must be a reason”, emphasises a proud Eneko Uceta.

Bar Monty

Calle Heros, 16, 48009 BILBAO
Metro Abando
T. 944 23 63 36

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